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When shopping for a new or used car, it is always helpful to have an idea of how much you can spend. Understanding what you can manage as a monthly payment not only helps you narrow down your used or new car search, it can help you identify dealerships and auto finance specialists that can work with your established budget. When searching for an auto loan for used cars consult us to find the best monthly payment. We determine whether an auto loan results in the best car financing deal. Our flexible car finance options, provided by some of the most respected financial institutions in India, allow you to turn even your most impossible car dreams into a reality. Get assistance in choosing finance options for cars from our qualified team of executives.

Vehicle Pledge

A car is a valuable asset for most people. It offers great utility and function and is generally a long-term purchase. In fact, you can easily get a car of your choice today with the help of a car loan. When you offer your car as collateral for a loan to your bank, the bank will first need to know its current value. To determine this, an expert may inspect your vehicle and arrive at a number based on your car’s age, condition and depreciation. Next, the bank will make you a loan offer. The loan amount can range from 80% up to 150% of your car’s value, depending on the bank’s policy and your risk profile. You can also enjoy quick disbursals and speedy processing when you pledge your already-financed car as collateral.

Property Pledge

You avail a loan by keeping your commercial/residential property as a collateral. Another name for Loan against property is a secured loan. The security in this kind of loan is the property owned by the person applying for the loan. The value of your property decides the amount of potential loan you will be sanctioned. Value of your property is not the only criteria for banks to decide whether you are eligible for a loan. They would often look into your income details, savings, employment track and other aspects before coming to disbursement. Your property or collateral would be evaluated on the current market value and correspondingly the loan amount would be calculated. Competitive interest rates and customised options with the hassle-free processing on Loan Against Property.

Arranging loans from all Banks

We facilitate or arrange loans for you. The entire loan process is undertaken by them. They also keep following up with the bank on the status of the loan as well. Also, if the bank requires additional documents, the loan arranger will collect it from you and submit it to the bank. Service providers help you secure a loan from the comfort of your home. From filling forms to submitting documents, every minute detail is taken care of by them. Here’s a look at the benefits of availing their services.
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